Rev. Paul M. Turner, Founding and Senior Pastor, Gentle Spirit Christian Church

Prayers and Praises

Let Us Pray:
God of goodness and love, please hear our prayers for the sick members of our community and all who are in need, that amid mental and physical suffering may they find consolation in your healing presence. Grant your mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make broken bodies whole and free downcast and oppressed spirits. May these special people find lasting health and deliverance, and so join us in thanking you for all your gifts. We ask this through the Lord Jesus who healed those who believed. Amen.

PRAYERS FOR: At 12 noon each Friday: about bringing justice, fairness and acceptance for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are asking you to pray for equality before the law everyone and equal protection and treatment for all of God’s children.

PRAYERS FOR: The Pabst Family, Billy and Pastor Paul on the sudden loss of their nephew, Mark Mann (38), from a sudden catastrophic heart attack Monday evening. He had such a beautiful soul, a quick wit and gentle spirit. Our loss in this world is heaven’s gain.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Alyce’s Safe return from her niece’s wedding.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Pastor Paul’s safe return from travel.

PRAYERS FOR: 8 year old Timothy who was found non-responsive at school, and is in the hospital with doctor’s trying to figure out what is wrong. His mom who doesn’t understand any of this.

PRAISES AND PRAYERS FOR: Clayton turned 34 this month.

PRAYERS FOR: Calvin – Speed of the court process.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Katrice – WiFi coming to her home.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Katrice – Just received her first SSI retirement check.

PRAYERS FOR: Dextrin – Personal guidance.

PRAYERS FOR: Dextrin – Children.

PRAYERS FOR: Dextrin – His finances.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Nick Hajdusiewicz’s speedy and proper recovery.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Sister in law’s wedding.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Alyce’s health.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Healing for Rev. Judy.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Nephew Eric’s baby girl’s health.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Help Matthew with his scheduling challenges at work.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Rev. Pendermon.

PRAYERS FOR: Rev. Guy Kent’s battle against cancer. He still wants to take grandkids to Alaska in June.

PRAYERS FOR: Peggy Norton for her grandson, Drew, who is recovering from an accident white on duty as a police officer.

PRAYERS FOR: Brooke & Liz Stillwell lift up their grandfather and his family as he transitions to life eternal, especially remembering their grandmother.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Rafaela Rodriguez & Roseann Copeland – that their 4 year old granddaughter is now cancer free.

PRAYERS FOR: Angela Ward & Shannon McLenon – For Susie Cross who is in Emory ICU.

PRAYERS FOR: Phil Foster – For Anne Jones and her husband Vernon who is having health issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Jeff Carrol for healing mercies and guidance for his doctors.

PRAYERS FOR: Nathan Brown – Lifts up Adel Greenpastures and those who offer her emotional and social support.

PRAYERS FOR: Nita Carson – For her daughter, Kira, as she undergoes chemo.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Dana’s health.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – James’ Mom.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Deb and Branden.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Katrice has a job.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Lance has a job.

PRAYERS FOR: Matthew has a job.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Billy has a job.

PRAYERS FOR: Matthew – His grandmothers health.

PRAYERS FOR: James – For both his parents. His father has health issues.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His personal journey.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – surviving an allergy attack Friday.

PRAYERS FOR: Nancy Shealy – Who is recovering at Budd Terrace from a broken ankle.

PRAYERS FOR: James – Racism, militarism, poverty.

PRAYERS FOR: Deb – Transportation.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – The church staff.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – That God may guide our nation’s leaders.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Lance – Paul M. has a full time job.

PRAYERS FOR: James – The homeless

PRAYERS FOR: James – Immigrants.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – The people who are not at church.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His mother’s eye health.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Genesee – Having found a new job with a chance for advancement.

PRAYERS FOR: Genesee – Wants to start her own business.

PRAYERS FOR: Damon – Addiction.

PRAYERS FOR: Julie Fleming – Her dear friend’s son, Aaron, who is struggling with PTSD following 2 tours in Iraq. Pray he gets the help he needs.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – The homeless

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – A living wage

PRAISE GOD FOR: Holly – God has been blessing their company.

PRAYERS FOR: Rose Szymanski lifts up Anna Strickland for strength, fortitude, and success on her path to ministry.

PRAYERS FOR: Pat Oliff lifts up her nephew, David Oliffe, for continuing progress, and that she may have the wisdom to continue to help him.

PRAYERS FOR: The safety of our schools.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Relief for Amanda in her care center.

PRAYERS FOR: Vivian – The island victims of hurricanes returning to normal lives and that they not experience homelessness.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – An end to violence around the country.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Support group people need prayer’s.

PRAYERS FOR: Deb – People to stop their political divisiveness.

PRAYERS FOR: Chuck’s living arrangements..

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: To continue to receive needed hygiene kit supplies, and guidance for our ministries.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: All those who protect and care for us … Police, EMS, Firefighters, Doctors and Nurses, Ministers, Power Crews, and our Military Service personnel worldwide.

PRAYERS FOR: Our Church finances.

PRAYERS FOR: All those affected by terror attacks across the globe; Comfort for the families and friends of those lost; and comfort and healing for those injured and their families.

PRAYERS FOR: Anyone afraid to go to church.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – People with and looking for jobs, not to have to work Sundays.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Pastor Paul – That everyone can work their own relationship with God.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – To open the minds of those who only find reasons to come to church when they are in crisis.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Family and loved ones.

PRAYERS FOR: Comfort and healing for Amanda and guidance for her medical staff.

PRAYERS FOR: The health care system to realize the need and provide mental health assistance.

PRAYERS FOR: Those battling HIV / AIDS, Cancer, depression, or alcohol and drug addiction.

PRAYERS FOR: Those in the transgender community facing prejudice, hostility, joblessness, and homelessness.

We continue to lift up:
Pastor Paul and Bill, Vicar Alyce, Sarah T., Braden B., Wil, Bill B., Rick D., Lance H. Monica H., Robbin Brown, Jeanne J., Jessica B., Mason J., Teresa K., James L., Pastor Judy, Rich O., Chuck S., Susan S., Jeff Carroll, Laury T., Lee Ann, Zan T., Elizabeth H., Dana O., Thomas B., Tim, Ricky, David, Tony, David, Ed, Maria, Jenny, Julius, Travis, Rickey, Justin, Darlene, Alex, Colin, John, Tyler, The Norton Family, Daniel, Gregg and Calvin, Dusty, Kenneth, Ernst, Luke, Willie, Genasie, Debby, Emanuel, Parker, Matthew and Prince, Jeff H, Robert K, James, Pastor James. Pastor Kent.

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