Immigrants’ Rights

You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt. (Exodus 22:21)

Pastor’s Blog: Our Moral Responsibility

Know Your Rights: What to Do if You’re Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI
You and the ACLU in the Fight Against HB 87
ACLU: HB 87 Preliminary Analysis
ACLU: HB 87 Legislative Summary
Georgia BuySpots & Sanctuary Zones
ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project
National Immigration Law Center
ACLU of Georgia
Southern Poverty Law Center
Somos Georgia / We Are Georgia
Asian American Legal Advocacy Center
ACLU Report: Terror and Isolation in Cobb – How Unchecked Police Power under 287(g) Has Torn Families Apart and Threatened Public Safety

News and Opinion on HB 87
AJC: New immigration law takes effect with some provisions halted, others intact
Bookman: Judge – Georgia seeks “climate of ‘hostility, fear, mistrust, insecurity”
Complete federal court ruling on HB 87
Galloway: Southern Baptists could support DREAM Act, leader says
Creative Loafing: The ‘coming out’ stories of 6 undocumented students arrested in Gold Dome protest
Jose Antonio Vargas: My life as an undocumented immigrant
AJC: Atlanta-area police haven’t trained to enforce new anti-illegal immigrant law
AJC: Law could impact school enrollment
Mike Luckovich on HB 87
Opinion: Some immigration reform legally right but morally wrong
Galloway: Perdue expresses fear that Georgia “not a state to be seen in if you’re of a different color”
AJC: Mexico, other countries join Georgia immigration lawsuit
Valdosta Daily Times: Solving the farm crisis
Analysis: Immigration reform spurs economic ripples down on the farm
Bob Barr: “E-Verify” is a stealth National ID
AJC: Groups seek injunction against illegal immigrant law
AJC: Many immigrants leaving Georgia behind
AJC: Agribusiness survey – Nearly half say Georgia has a labor shortage
Shahshahani: Georgia is not a “show me your papers” state
AJC: Local labor brings in the harvest
Galloway: Illegal immigration and cabbage patch babies
AJC: Farm owners, workers worry about immigration law’s impact on crops
Tucker: Georgia’s big secret — State needs illegal workers
AJC: Civil rights groups file lawsuit, challenging Georgia’s new illegal immigration law
AJC: Crackdown mustn’t cost us our visitors
Bookman: Georgia immigration law extreme, far-reaching
SPLC: Georgia Bill Undermines Core American Values
AALAC Executive Director’s Statement on Governor Deal’s Signing of HB 87
SPLC Wins Settlement for Latino Man Beaten by Georgia Police Officers
ACLU Press Release: ACLU, NILC and Civil Rights Coalition File Lawsuit Challenging HB 87
SPLC Press Release: SPLC, Allied Groups Sue Georgia to Stop Controversial Immigration Law
AALAC Press Release: AALAC Joins HB 87 Lawsuit | Ethnic Newspapers Condemn HB 87

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