Rev. Paul M. Turner

It’s Your Funeral

Choices and notes for your loved ones

The purpose of the church is to bring people to everlasting life by developing their relationship with God the Creator, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit in this world. Christians do not fear death, but it is an unfortunate truth that those we leave behind must make decisions about our earthly remains. A form such as this one will assist them during their time of grief.

You will be doing your loved ones a great favor by completing this document, which downloads automatically when you click the link. Keep one copy for yourself, give one copy to your attorney or the holder of your power-of-attorney, and give a third copy to your church of record.  The document includes all of the items listed below.

Some of the matters you’ll want documented include:

  1. This is how I feel about my burial. My first preferences are:
    • Funeral home:
    • Casket:
    • Viewing and open casket:
    • Vaults and concrete containers:
  2. This is how I feel about cremation:
    • Disposal of my cremains:
  3. This is how I feel about donating my organs:
    • I have filled out a donor card and this is where you can find it:
    • This is how I feel about donating my entire body to a medical institution:
    • I have filled out a card and this is where you can find it:
  4. This is my opinion about flowers at my funeral:
  5. This is how I feel about asking for donations to a memorial fund in lieu of sending flowers:
  6. My first preference for a cemetery is:
  7. This is how I feel about a headstone:
  8. If the doctor requests an autopsy:
  9. Do I want a church funeral? If so, this is where I would like the service to be held:
    • Church name:
    • Church address:
    • City, state:
    • Phone number:
  10. My first selections for music are:
  11. My selection of piano/organ player:
  12. If they are available I would choose these pallbearers:
  13. Any organization I want to participate in my funeral service:
  14. I particularly want this to be part of my final service:
  15. These are the scriptures I most want read at my funeral service:
  16. I would also like to have this read:
  17. My first preference for participating clergy would be:
  18. These are the financial arrangements I have made for my funeral:
    • Insurance policy:
    • Cemetery plot:
    • Pre-paid funeral:
    • Where documents for these or other arrangements can be found:
  19. This is how I feel about leaving this life and meeting God:
  20. In general this is how I feel about my eventual funeral:
  21. These are few thoughts I would like to leave with my relatives and friends:

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