Coming Out

Third Sunday after Pentecost
Sermon: Alyce Keener, Vicar
Reading: Matthew 10:24-39

So don’t hesitate to go public now. (Verse 27)

This Week's Message | Luke 21:34-36

But be on your guard. Don’t let the sharp edge of your expectation get dulled by parties and drinking and shopping. Otherwise, that Day is going to take you by complete surprise, spring on you suddenly like a trap, for it’s going to come on everyone, everywhere, at once. So, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Pray constantly that you will have the strength and wits to make it through everything that’s coming and end up on your feet before the Son of Creation. (Luke 21:34-36)

The Thing About Evil

Sermon for Sunday, June 19, 2022
Second Sunday in Pentecost
Reading: Luke 8:26-39

Later, a great many people from the Gerasene countryside got together and asked Jesus to leave — too much change, too fast, and they were scared. (Verse 37)

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