Rev. Paul M. Turner

Just Saying…

For the person of faith (in this case Christian) there is this standard which says we are suppose to be fair, merciful and be humble in our walk with God (Micah 6:8). Jesus taught the greatest love one can express is to lay their life down for another.Jesus in his entire ministry only gave one …

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Rev. Paul M. Turner

Blog vs Rant

This is supposed to be a blog, but today suffice it to say it is also a bit of a rant. Is it me or does it seem like the divide and discourse in this country and our community is as bad as it has ever been? I know it is an election year, but …

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Rev. Paul M. Turner

11 Words

Have you ever had one of those times when you felt like no matter what you did, no one was thankful or appreciative of the amount of effort it took to do what you did? Maybe at some point in your life you took on a project that took all your ability to think about …

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Rev. Paul M. Turner

We Are Not a Sin

First let me just say after a power flicker while in the middle of writing this blog, the term “Jesus saves” has new meaning for me this morning. I want to say to my sisters and brothers in the LGBTQIA community who have been so battered and beaten by the religious establishment, especially those of …

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