Rev. Paul M. Turner, Founding and Senior Pastor, Gentle Spirit Christian Church

Prayers and Praises

Let Us Pray:
Savior of the world please spend a few minutes with me this day, and help me to forever remember what a gift it is to sit with You like this. Lord, may nothing separate me from You today. Teach me how to choose only Your way so each step will lead me closer to You. Help me walk by Your Word and not my feelings. Help me to embrace what comes my way as an opportunity . . . rather than a personal inconvenience. Finally, i ask You to help me rest in the truth of Psalm 86:13, “Great is your love toward me.” Amen

PRAYERS FOR: At 12 noon each Friday: about bringing justice, fairness and acceptance for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are asking you to pray for equality before the law everyone and equal protection and treatment for all of God’s children.

PRAYERS FOR: Mike Tamburrino – Anyone that is a keyboard player, to provide live music for our service. We have a keyboard for someone – Anyone to play for us.

PRAYERS FOR: Chad Vale – Vicar Alyce. I’m praying for Full recovery.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Maimarie Parker Adair – Bible Study starting again.

PRAYERS FOR: Branden Mattox – One of my dog sitting clients is sick with covid.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Katrice BLove – A retirement fund. Prayers on how to effectively manage it.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Alyce Keener – Thank you all for your prayers. I am improving every day.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – Continued recovery for my husband and me.

PRAYERS FOR: Margret Sitter (Jennifer Turner’s Mom). She is entering into the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Dana – Unspoken.

PRAYERS FOR: Mike Tamburrino – God bless all those impacted by Hurricane IDA in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Northeast.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Mike Tamburrino – Alyce for all you do. Stay strong. Praying for your continued health recovery.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Billy has a job.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Maimarie Parker Adair – Rescue pets who bless our lives.
PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – My ex husband’s wife Barb, who has stage 4 lung cancer and is in hospital with pneumonia and heart issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – My friend Amy had an accident and broke both of her heels.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – A friend needing to find a home.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – A friend trying to refinance her home.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – Nancy Garbarini, who was diagnosed with lung cancer and has spread to brain. A difficult battle ahead.

PRAYERS FOR : Kevin Stokes – Continues prayers for a job & peace thru my transition.

PRAYERS FOR: Debby Pauley – i’m sure the homeless need our prayers.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – All of you gathering and doing Gods good work.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – Everyone affected by the fires and smoke.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – All in my Polycythemia Vera support and are struggling with this rare blood cancer.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Those who have tested negative for COVID-19.

PRAYERS FOR: Those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

PRAYERS FOR: James Parents.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Keeping Billy safe at work

PRAYERS FOR: The success of the upcoming Transgender Conference.

We continue to lift:
Pastor Paul and Bill, Vicar Alyce, Sarah T., Braden B., Wil, Bill B., Rick D., Lance H. Monica H., Jeanne J., Jessica B., Mason J., Teresa K., James L., Pastor Judy, Rich O., Chuck S., Susan S., Jeff Carroll, Laury T., Lee Ann, Zan T., Elizabeth H., Dana O., Thomas B., Tim, Ricky, David, Tony, David, Ed, Maria, Jenny, Julius, Travis, Rickey, Justin, Darlene, Alex, Colin, John, Tyler, The Norton Family, Daniel, Gregg and Calvin, Dusty, Kenneth, Ernst, Luke, Willie, Genasie, Debby, Emanuel, Parker, Matthew and Prince, Jeff H, Robert K, James, Pastor James, Kris, Rich, Mike T., Mike D., and Dwight

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