Rev. Paul M. Turner, Founding and Senior Pastor, Gentle Spirit Christian Church

Prayers and Praises

Let Us Pray
O Almighty and merciful God, with whom are the issues of life and death: Grant us, we beseech thee, help and deliverance in this time of grievous sickness and mortality, and sanctify to us this affliction, that in our sore distress we may turn our hearts unto thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (Scottish Book of Common Prayer 1929)

PRAYERS FOR: At 12 noon each Friday: about bringing justice, fairness and acceptance for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are asking you to pray for equality before the law everyone and equal protection and treatment for all of God’s children.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Vicar Alyce has recovered from last Sunday’s allergic reaction.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Chuck making it to church but having to go to the hospital for his pic line coming out.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Chuck is OK, and there is no serious problem.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice has a colonoscopy. Prayers for negative (good) results.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Lance had a better week. Our prayers for him continue.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Mike had a good week at work and got a lot of the work done.

PRAYERS FOR: Mike’s finances.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice’s brother John, for health and to get well soon.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Billy has a job.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His mother has an appointment August 24th and the surgery decision will be made then.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His father is doing better.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Brandon made it to church today.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Deacon Candidate Matthew’s father is still in the hospital after a second mild heart attack and the doctors replacing his stent.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Lance -To have made it through the past week and prayers to make it through this week without drama.

PRAYERS FOR: – The Atlanta homeless who are being targeted by the city as a source of income from fines and parole.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Her job & Finances.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice & Deb – The Western wildfires.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice –Applying for Medicaid.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – East Coast floods.

PRAYERS FOR: Branden – Personal Finances.

PRAYERS FOR: Branden – Dog walking gigs.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Jamie’s uncle passing.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: – Mike – His friend’s health is improving.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Jesse – Was able to get the needed specialized medical treatment.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – For Carolyn her father and the family on the loss of his brother.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – Asha Leong.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – Lorri, Dainna’s daughter, who is in the hospital with a foot infection.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – The Pastor’s sanity and strength.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Rev. Guy Kent and his family continue to enjoy their Alaskan vacation, and for his continuing battle against cancer.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Paul M, who is unemployed and has not been back to church.

PRAYERS FOR: – Mike – A friend who is in a nursing home.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Chuck got a walker to assist with mobility. He should be released in a week.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Immigrant families. and that Congress be guided by God in their decisions and actions.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Deacon Matthew, needing to work fewer hours.

PRAYERS FOR: Deb – Genasie starting her on line business.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Needing reading glasses.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Self esteem.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Personal wisdom / enlightenment

PRAISE GOD FOR: Clinton – God watching over him and getting him released from charges that he was innocent of.

PRAYERS FOR: Elaine Alsobrook who is recovering from surgery after a fall.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – Her friend Rokell whose son has turned against her. Prayers that God will steer him back to the path.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Pastor Paul – Our church.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – The Hajdusiewicz’s family.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – The fire fighters and the families involved in the California Wildfires.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Continuing journey to transition.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: – Branden – Thankful for his father.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – A friend who is transitioning.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Rev. Pendermon.

PRAYERS FOR – Dana – Strength and comfort for Melanie, diagnosed with cancer, and that the doctors may successfully treat her.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Healing for Rev. Judy.

PRAYERS FOR: Peggy Norton for her grandson, Drew, who is recovering from an accident white on duty as a police officer.

PRAYERS FOR: Nita Carson – For her daughter, Kira, as she undergoes chemo.

PRAYERS FOR: James – Racism, militarism, poverty.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – The church staff.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – That God may guide our nation’s leaders.

PRAYERS FOR: Damon – Addiction.

PRAYERS FOR: Pat Oliff lifts up her nephew, David Oliffe, for continuing progress, and that she may have the wisdom to continue to help him.

PRAYERS FOR: The safety of our schools.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Relief for Amanda in her care center.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – An end to violence around the country.

PRAYERS FOR: Deb – People to stop their political divisiveness.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: To continue to receive needed hygiene kit supplies, and guidance for our ministries.

PRAYERS FOR: Our Church finances.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: All those who protect and care for us … Police, EMS, Firefighters, Doctors and Nurses, Ministers, Power Crews, and our Military Service personnel worldwide.

PRAYERS FOR: All those affected by terror attacks across the globe; Comfort for the families and friends of those lost; and comfort and healing for those injured and their families.

PRAYERS FOR: Anyone afraid to go to church.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – People with and looking for jobs, not to have to work Sundays.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – To open the minds of those who only find reasons to come to church when they are in crisis.

PRAYERS FOR: The health care system to realize the need and provide mental health assistance.

PRAYERS FOR: Those in the transgender community facing prejudice, hostility, joblessness, and homelessness.

PRAYERS FOR: Those battling HIV / AIDS, Cancer, depression, or alcohol and drug addiction.

We continue to lift up:
Pastor Paul and Bill, Vicar Alyce, Sarah T., Braden B., Wil, Bill B., Rick D., Lance H. Monica H., Robbin Brown, Jeanne J., Jessica B., Mason J., Teresa K., James L., Pastor Judy, Rich O., Chuck S., Susan S., Jeff Carroll, Laury T., Lee Ann, Zan T., Elizabeth H., Dana O., Thomas B., Tim, Ricky, David, Tony, David, Ed, Maria, Jenny, Julius, Travis, Rickey, Justin, Darlene, Alex, Colin, John, Tyler, The Norton Family, Daniel, Gregg and Calvin, Dusty, Kenneth, Ernst, Luke, Willie, Genasie, Debby, Emanuel, Parker, Matthew and Prince, Jeff H, Robert K, James, Pastor James. Pastor Kent.

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