Gentle Spirit Christian Church: You’re in the Right Place.

An independent, affirming and progressive church serving metro Atlanta, Gentle Spirit Christian Church is open, positive and inclusive. We meet as The Church Without Walls on Sundays at 10:30am in Candler Park, picnic Pavilion 2**. Founded in 1998, our core belief is that God has a passionate desire for a direct, unfettered relationship with each of us — and that no one or nothing should be able to get in the way of that.

Our congregation comes from many spiritual backgrounds, but we agree on the following things and invite anyone to come worship with us and experience God’s love in a whole new way:

  • God loves you unconditionally, just the way you are, and passionately desires a relationship with you.
  • No one, no institution, nothing, should come between you and your relationship with God.
  • When you are in relationship with God you can own your faith, and no one, no institution, nothing, should be able to take that away from you.

It’s really that simple.

At Gentle Spirit Christian Church, we believe that the neighbor is a stranger who presents a need.  The stranger is to be welcomed as Christ.  We’re so committed to welcoming the stranger that we moved our church outdoors to a public park.

We’re sometimes the last stop for people who are about to give up on God.  They come because we’re serious that nothing should come between you and your relationship with God.

But God never gives up on you.  So long as you have a spark, an ember of faith in your heart, God will do all that’s in God’s power to fan that into a full-blown bonfire.  That’s how much God loves you.  That’s God’s job.

So what’s our job?  To support you.  To walk with you.  To believe in you.  God does it effortlessly, whereas we humans have to work at it.  So we meet every Sunday to remind ourselves what the gospel of unconditional love is asking of us.

Join us at The Church Without Walls.  In Candler Park (picnic Pavilion 2**) every Sunday at 10:30am. Come as you are, you’re welcome here.

You’re in the Right Place.

** Exceptions being in the event of extreme weather (when we move indoors to the chapel of First Christian Church of Decatur, Sundays when we perform our homeless ministry (usually in the same location as the regular Church Without Walls service), or when there is a festival in Candler Park (when we move to the edge of the park). In all of these cases, we post a special notice at the top of our homepage. In the event that another party has reserved picnic Pavilion 2, we can generally be found down the hill in Pavilion 1.

An independent, affirming and progressive church serving metro Atlanta. We are open, positive and inclusive.