Hygiene kits ministry

Our ministries to the overlooked and forgotten

From our founding in 1998 by LGBTQ+ people and allies, we have been active in the metro Atlanta community on issues important to our congregation, including LGBTQ+ rights and the needs of the unhoused.

Your generous support powers all this and more

Every day we help someone in the community reclaim their dignity and cope with hunger, addiction, unemployment, healthcare challenges, being unhoused, or plain institutional indifference.


For us there is no question that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and intersex people — and those who love them — are fully worthy of God’s love and are called to be fully participating members of the church and society.

We’re passionate about equality year-round, and we’re regular participants in organizations and events in our community, including Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The unhoused

The plight of the unhoused has been a concern of our congregation since our founding in 1998. In 2010 we started distributing lunches to local unhoused people. While doing that, we identified personal hygiene as an unmet need. So we began distributing hygiene kits along with lunches.

Since then, with the generous support of our ministry partners and people just like you, we have distributed more than 10,000 kits.

Live tithe

Cleaning out your attic, closets or storage shed? You can put unused items that are in good condition to work supporting the ministry of Gentle Spirit Christian Church via our Live Tithe, which allows you to convert gently used (or never-used) items into support for our ministry and claim a tax deduction. 

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