Rev. Paul M. Turner

Prayers & Praises

LET US PRAY: God, as we travel thru these difficult times, it is hard for us to remain open and caring. Your teachings show us the importance of kindness and generosity and serving those around us. In these times we need your help to remember we must honor one another above ourselves. It is only with Your guiding hand that we can see through our own issues to be a reliable source of support to others going through a rough time. Through the beauty of your creation help us to find the strength and inspiration to show God is always watching over them and us. Hear our prayers O Lord!   Amen


PRAYERS FOR: At 12 noon each Friday: about bringing justice, fairness and acceptance for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are asking you to pray for equality before the law everyone and equal protection and treatment for all of God’s children.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Pastor Paul’s birthday.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – All the sick people out there.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – She is on a new medication and having issues. It is causing dizziness. Guidance for those prescribing the drug that they may find the right drug.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His Mother who is tired. She is becoming drained and needs extra rest.

PRAYERS FOR: James – He got into an argument with a friend and he apologized. Prayers for James to stay calm, and not get emotionally stressed. To learn to love everyone. His dental cleaning on Tuesday goes well.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – My left knee and left hand are weak.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi and her husband, Scott. For health issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – A co-worker, Peggy, on the loss of her dad.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Her brother’s teeth issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Maiemarie.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – Peace, Love, and understanding in the world.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His parents, his dad’s mobility and his mothers eyesight. His housing situation and dental appointment. His finances.

PRAYERS FOR: James – A relative, Gene, passed.

PRIASE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: James – Family and friends.

PRAYERS FOR: Bill – Chuck, Dana, and Dan.

PRAYERS FOR: The family of the nursing student killed at UGA.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Keeping Billy safe at work.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Kristi – They accepted the offer on their home sale and their offer on the mobile home was accepted.

PRAYERS FOR: Bob M – His husband, Gary, as he deals with stage 3 prostate cancer.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul and Bill – Rowdy is having a really rough time with his back legs.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Health.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – His friend Kyle’s surgery goes ok.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – People to have patience and tolerance.

PRAYERS FOR: Bill – His brother Ken having heart problems.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His Teeth health (he has a tooth ache) prayers that the tooth pain can be managed. Prayers for his steadfastness in God.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – Healing – She is congested and has hives, just like Darrell.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – That he can handle the “busy” that is happening this week.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Surgery on her other knee.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – Darrell is battling hives that don’t seem to go away. He has a new prescription now.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Paul’s friend “Campbell” her grandson is in the hospital after a car accident.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Kristie – her husband is home but is still having some issues breathing.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – Needed health care and dentures.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Jennifer Turner.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: The county warming centers are open. Prayers for the unhoused and that the counties need more shelters.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Van Gowen, and Dan Chomen.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – Her friend Karen’s car is “caput” – pray for good decisions about dealing with her car issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – To get one task done per day.

PRAYERS FOR: James – That he concentrates on the positive to get himself thru the week.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – A good outcome for his friend who has a spot on his lung.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – All those who are sick.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Lance – 26 years of this church.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – The hostages in Gaza, His personal health.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – All those living in troubled areas of the world.

PRAYERS FOR: James – Israel.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – Music for church.

PRAYERS FOR: James P – That he keeps learning; accepting people where they are.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Paul M – The congregation, that I got through this week, and those who continue to carry love in their hearts.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – All those battling cancer.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Maimarie – Friends who become family.

PRAYERS FOR: All the war-torn places and people.

PRAYERS FOR: Keep the trans community in our prayers – they are great challenges facing them.

PRAYERS FOR: Maria – The Middle east, and her family and coworkers.

PRAYERS FOR: Hold on to love.

PRAYERS FOR: An end to the war in Ukraine.

PRAYERS FOR: All the unadopted animals in the local shelters.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Those in African countries that are enacting anti-LGBTQ laws.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Paul M – People doing God’s works.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice BLove – Continued prayers for the transgender community.


We continue to lift:

Pastor Paul and Bill, Vicar Alyce, Sarah T., Katrice B., Wil, Rick D., Lance H. Monica H., Jeanne J., Jessica B., Mason J., Teresa K., James L., Rich O., Chuck S., Susan S., Jeff Carroll, Laury T., Lee Ann, Zan T., Elizabeth H., Dana O., Thomas B., Tim, Ricky, David, Tony, David, Ed, Maria, Jenny, Julius, Travis, Rickey, Darlene, Alex, Colin, John, Tyler, The Norton Family, Daniel, Gregg and Calvin, Dusty, Kenneth, Ernst, Luke, Willie, Genasie, Debby, Emanuel, Parker, Matthew and Prince, Jeff H, Robert K, James, Kris, Rich O., Mike T., Mike D., Dwight, And the saints of the Church: Pastor Judy, Pastor James Brewer-Calvert, Charles Harris, Amanda Gagnon (Founding Member),Wolf Thomas, (Founding Member), Constance F. Frederick, Rev. Paul M. Turner’s Mother, William Butler, Deacon Corey Hoblit, Father Warren Taylor, James Langston, Caroline Ray, Stanley Armstrong, Nancy VanDyke, (Founding Member) Ricky Lee Wilson, Teresa Kenny (Founding Member) Rev. Guy Kent, Robbin Brown (Founding Member), Calvin Smith, Justin McCord.

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