Rev. Paul M. Turner

Prayers & Praises

Let Us Pray:

God, I asked for power that I might achieve; You made me meek that I might obey.

I asked for health that I might do greater things; I was given grace that I might do better things.

I asked for riches that I might be happy; I was given poverty that I might be wise.

I asked for strength that I might have the praise of men; I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God.

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; I was given life that I might enjoy all things.

I received nothing that I asked for, but all that I hoped for; My prayers were answered. Amen


PRAYERS FOR: At 12 noon each Friday: about bringing justice, fairness and acceptance for our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are asking you to pray for equality before the law everyone and equal protection and treatment for all of God’s children.

PRAYERS FOR: The digital gremlins to be overcome and our ability to live stream next week’s service.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Successful Knee replacement surgery. It will be 6 weeks before I can drive. Requesting prayers for help as I work through my recovery for my right knee replacement.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Friends to help her get to physical therapy in afternoons.

PRAYERS FOR: Pastor Paul – for Eric Cortney’s family/friends – he died suddenly.

PRAYERS FOR: Dana – to grow stronger.

PRAYERS FOR: Jennifer – She and her family and dealing with her mother’s death.

PRAYERS FOR: All people battling cancer.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Dan C, – his health is improving, but has some financial issues.

PRAISE GOD FOR: – Pastor Paul & Billy – their AC is repaired.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – Continued prayers for family & friends with their health issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance – Safe travels for Jamie in Florida.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – To have a stress free week.

PRAYERS FOR: Maria – Peace.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: James – His friend John, that his mini-stroke was caught in time, and that he fully recovers.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His parents/family.

PRAYERS FOR: James – His apartment/lease is going to be renewed next month, help/mercy as he renegotiates his lease.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – All their family stuff.

PRAYERS FOR Jesus Gonzalez Vejas recovering from thyroid surgery.

PRAYERS FOR: The people of Moracco recovering from the earthquakes.

PRAYERS FOR: James A. Banks – The Maui fire victims and their families.

PRAYERS FOR: A peaceful end to the war in Ukraine.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Keeping Billy safe at work.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Candace on her retirement.

PRAYERS FOR: Jennifer Turner just lost her mother. May God be with her and her family.

PRAYERS FOR: The family and friends of Justin McCord who died August 5, 2023.

PRAYERS FOR: All the war torn places and people.

PRAYERS FOR: Adam – His pain issues.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Continued prayers for her sister that she regains her strength after chemo treatments and the next round she will undergo.

PRAYERS FOR: Maimarie – Her family. It’s a tough day for them. For Darrell’s mother going through treatment for breast cancer and her friend Sue – the cancer she is holding and not progressing.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Maria – Her great niece was born a week ago and for reconciliation between her dad and her sister.

PRAISE GOD AND PRAYERS FOR: Dana – Is doing good and able to be in the office as she continues to heal and recover from her stroke.

PRAYERS FOR: FCCD and the loss of Rev. James.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Pastor Paul driving Alyce to her surgery.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Katie Dean – Friend of Pastor Paul. Her leg is better.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance Helms – My friend Lee whose wife is waiting to deliver and has complications.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Pastor Paul’s neck pain resolved itself.

PRAYERS FOR: Climate change.

PRAYERS FOR: James Peak – His family – Safe travel and the ability to help his mom & dad.

PRAYERS FOR: Alexa – Health.

PRAYERS FOR: Clarks Cousin – The Phillips family.

PRAYERS FOR: Ann Marie, FCCD, and all those who have lost someone in their lives recently.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Alyce – still losing weight.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – To receive treatment for possible gout.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Brandon taking care of Rowdy during their vacation.

PRAYERS FOR: Alyce – Healing for Dan Chomen’s back.

PRAYERS FOR: James A. Banks – The west coast hurricane victims.

PRAYERS FOR: Paul M – His health and safety.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Dan Chomen – All of you being in my life.

PRAYERS FOR: Dan Chomen – Health and financial recovery, for Montray Stinson and my coworker Que, his sister.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – Scott’s work is being generous. And kind through our difficult time.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice – Those in African countries that are enacting anti-LGBTQ laws.

PRAYERS FOR: Lance- A coworker diagnosed with cancer.

PRAYERS FOR: Kristi Munsell-Reynolds – Please continue offering prayers of healing, recovery, and good repair for Scott. Prayers for Kristi to experience God’s peace, strength and courage during this challenging time.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Paul M – People doing God’s works.

PRAYERS FOR: Jimmy Carter; his hospice journey.

PRAISE GOD FOR: Church service in the park.

PRAYERS FOR: Katrice BLove – Continued prayers for the transgender community.

PRAYERS FOR: Rowdy (Pastor Paul and Billy’s fur baby) who is now an elderly dog and not moving so well.

We continue to lift:

Pastor Paul and Bill, Vicar Alyce, Sarah T., Katrice B., Wil, Rick D., Lance H. Monica H., Jeanne J., Jessica B., Mason J., Teresa K., James L., Rich O., Chuck S., Susan S., Jeff Carroll, Laury T., Lee Ann, Zan T., Elizabeth H., Dana O., Thomas B., Tim, Ricky, David, Tony, David, Ed, Maria, Jenny, Julius, Travis, Rickey, Darlene, Alex, Colin, John, Tyler, The Norton Family, Daniel, Gregg and Calvin, Dusty, Kenneth, Ernst, Luke, Willie, Genasie, Debby, Emanuel, Parker, Matthew and Prince, Jeff H, Robert K, James, Kris, Rich O., Mike T., Mike D., Dwight, and the saints of the Church: Pastor Judy, Pastor James Brewer-Calvert, Charles Harris, Amanda Gagnon (Founding Member),Wolf Thomas, (Founding Member), Constance F. Frederick, Rev. Paul M. Turner’s Mother, William Butler, Deacon Corey Hoblit, Father Warren Taylor, James Langston, Caroline Ray, Stanley Armstrong, Nancy VanDyke, (Founding Member) Ricky Lee Wilson, Teresa Kenny (Founding Member) Rev. Guy Kent, Robbin Brown (Founding Member), Calvin Smith, Justin McCord.

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