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Second Sunday after Epiphany
Sermon: Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor
Reading: John 1:29-42

The very next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and yelled out, “Here he is, God’s Passover Lamb! He forgives the sins of the world! This is the man I’ve been talking about, ‘the One who comes after me but is really ahead of me.’ ” (Verse 29)

Words of Affirmation

Fourth Sunday of Advent (Love)
Sermon: Alyce Keener, Vicar
Reading: Matthew 5:1-12

But God’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself too seriously — take God seriously. (Micah 6:8)

What Gift?

Second Sunday of Advent (Peace)
Sermon: Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor
Reading: Luke 21:1-4

All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on. (Verse 4)

Making Quality Time

First Sunday of Advent
Sermon: Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor
Reading: Matthew 24:36-44

You know that if the homeowner had known what time of night the burglar would arrive, he would have been there with his dogs to prevent the break-in. Be vigilant just like that. You have no idea when the Son of Man is going to show up. (Verses 43-44)

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

Unity Fellowship Church Greater Atlanta, Gentle Spirit Christian Church, and First Christian Church of Decatur shared worship service today dedicated to honoring, remembering and celebrating the transgender community, those who have passed away, and the love God has for each and all of us, just as we are. Here, All Means All!

Sermon: Jennifer Hasler, Ph.D.

Readings: John 14:1-4; Genesis 37:1-4, 1-28; Acts 8:26-30, 3-39

Transgender Prayers
Names read during Sunday, Nov 17, 2019 Transgender Remembrance Service

The Road Less Traveled

Pride Sunday
Sermon: Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor
Reading: Matthew 22:34-40

Jesus said, ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.” (Verses 37-40)