Vicar Alyce Keener

How to Study the Bible: Philippians

How to Study the Bible: Here’s a great way to get started with self-guided bible study. In the congregation we’re using this method to study (Philippians 1-4), and you’re welcome to follow along.

Here are some resources:

  • Our Bible Study Guide (downloads automatically after you click it).
  • The Word Hand (opens in a new window), a classic method for hearing, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating over a bible verse.
  • The full text of Philippians in a Word document  (downloads automatically after you click it) so you can print your own with wide enough margins to make notes.
  • The video (below) of my sermon “Accepting the Challenge”, where we kick off our congregation’s study of Philippians.

Vicar Alyce Keener

About Vicar Alyce Keener

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Alyce has been called in two directions from an early age: Teaching and God. She has been active in churches all her life, prays every day and studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. She has lived in Georgia since 1995.