Monday Night Bible Study: Leviticus | Week 4

We continued our fall Bible study series on Monday with a discussion of Chapters 5-7 of the Book of Leviticus and its impact on modern Judeo-Christian society.

We will continue on Monday, October 3rd at 7:30pm Eastern with a study of Chapters 8-10.

Study notes for Leviticus 5-7

Leviticus 5, Verses 1-6

Unintentional sins

  1. You saw a crime but didn’t offer yourself as a witness = you have sinned
  2. You touch a dead animal — it is unclean and you don’t realize you have = you have sinned
  3. You touch human uncleanness and you didn’t know it = you are guilty
  4. You impulsively swear or say an oath that you didn’t mean to make = you are guilty

Leviticus 5, Verses 7-13

Remedy (when guilty): Confess your sin — i.e., use an absolution-offering to get a clean slate

  • Lamb or two doves or two pigeons = absolution-offering (one bird); whole burnt offering (another bird)
  • If you can’t afford to offer animals, bring two quarts of fine flour for absolution-offering (priest burns a handful, then you are forgiven, the rest belongs to the priests)

Leviticus Chapter 5, Verses 14-19


  • Sin — i.e., you betray a trust or stray from any guides God gave = you have sinned
  • Cure = compensation-offering
  • Use a ram, have it valued in shekels, then add 20 percent of the value and give to the priests

Leviticus 6, Verses 1-6: Sin

  1. You betray God’s trust when you rob or cheat or threaten your neighbor, or when you
  2. Find a item and don’t return it to its owner = you have sinned

Leviticus 6, Verses 1-6: Cure

  1. Make full compensation for the item (full value of the item)
  2. Add 20 percent as your compensation-offering
  3. Present a ram to the priest in addition to your compensation-offering

Leviticus 6, Verses 8-30

God instructs Aaron and his sons how to make offerings to God

  1. Whole burnt offering
  2. Peace offering
  3. Grain offering
  4. Absolution offering

Leviticus 7, Verses 1-21

God instructs Aaron and his sons how to make offerings to God

  1. Compensation offering
  2. Thanksgiving offering
  3. Contribution offering
  4. Votive offering
  5. Freewill offering

Leviticus 7, Verses 22-38

  1. Don’t eat any fat of cattle, sheep or goats
  2. Don’t eat the blood of birds and animals
  3. Peace offering: Priest will use a “wave-offering” method — i.e., certain parts of the offering are for the priest to use as food
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