Monday Night Bible Study: Leviticus | Week 5

We continued our fall Bible study series on Monday with a discussion of Chapters 8-10 of the Book of Leviticus and its impact on modern Judeo-Christian society.

We will continue on Monday, October 10th at 7:30pm Eastern with a study of Chapters 11-15.

Study notes for Leviticus 8-10

Leviticus Chapter 8

God spoke to Moses

  1. Moses called Aaron and his sons to the front of the Tent of Meeting
  2. Moses cleansed Aaron and his sons, then dressed Aaron in proper garments for the chief priest
  3. Moses anointed the meeting tent
  4. Moses anointed the altar and the utensils seven times, thus consecrating the altar
  5. Moses anointed Aaron, thus consecrating Aaron
  6. Moses brought Aaron’s sons forward and dressed them
  7. Moses offered sacrifices to God
    1. Absolution offering — a bull
    2. Whole burnt offering — a ram
    3. Ordination offering
      1. A second ram
      2. Wave offering — unraised bread (made with oil and wafer)
    4. Moses used the blood and oil and sprinkled them on Aaron and his sons
  8. Moses then instructed Aaron and his sons
    1. Boil meat at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting and some bread from the basket and eat
    2. Aaron and his sons were to stay at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting for seven days and nights to complete their ordination (which they did)

Leviticus Chapter 9

Moses called Aaron and his sons

  1. On the eighth day the priest goes to work
    1. Offer a bull calf for absolution offering
    2. Offer a ram for the whole burnt offering
  2. Aaron and the priests purifying
    1. Male goat — absolution offering
    2. A bull and ram — peace offering
    3. A grain offering mixed with oil — grain offering
    4. Aaron approached the altar and offered an absolution offering and whole burnt offering to atone for Aaron and the people
  3. Aaron and his sons then presented offerings for the people
    1. Male goat — absolution offering
    2. Whole burnt offering
    3. Grain offering
    4. Peace offering
    5. Wave offering
    6. Aaron raised his hands after all the offerings and blessed the people
  4. Aaron then came down from the altar and he and Moses entered the Tent of Meeting
  5. When they came out of the Tent, Aaron raised his hands and blessed the people
  6. When Aaron came down from the altar, the Glory of God appeared and fire blazed out from God and consumed the whole burnt offering and fat pieces with the fire

Leviticus Chapter 10

Nadab & Abihu (Aaron’s sons) took their censers and put hot coals and incense in them. This was an offering not commanded by God — God sent fire and consumed the two.

Moses said to Aaron: This is what God said when God said:

To the one who comes near me
I will show myself holy;
Before all the people
I will show my glory.

Aaron was silent.

Moses called sons of Uzziel (Aaron’s uncle) to come and carry your cousins outside the camp.

Moses then told Aaron and his sons — do not mourn their loss or they too would die, but stay at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting.  The people of Israel will mourn for the two lost.

God instructed Aaron to Enter the Tent of Meeting.

  • Do not drink wine or strong drink — lest you die.  This is a fixed rule to be observed through all generations.
  • Distinguish between
    • holy and common
    • ritually clean and unclean

Moses spoke to Aaron & the surviving sons — take the grain offering — go inside and take what is holy and eat — for what is left to eat, it is your portion.

Moses instructed Aaron that his sons and daughters could eat the breasts of the wave offering and the thigh of the contribution offering.

A problem — the two sons remaining ate the absolution offering but weren’t in the Holy Tent.  Aaron answered Moses — it would not be good if we ate the absolution offering inside of the tent due to the error of the two deceased sons.  Moses heard and accepted the explanation.

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