Vicar Alyce Keener

Alyce Keener, Vicar of Education

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Alyce has been called in 2 directions from an early age – teaching and God. She moved with her family on an average of every 2 years and continued moving around as she sought 1) education 2) a job she loved and 3) peace.

Alyce has a BS degree in Education from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Il and a MA in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois in Springfield, IL. She has also worked toward a doctorate in Management Information Systems at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. She found that a doctorate was not “practical” enough for her, so she left Illinois in 1995 and moved to Waleska, GA to become a professor of business at Reinhardt College. She left Reinhardt in 2001. Alyce currently works for an legal firm as the office manager.

Alyce’s religious education started in earnest at her first vacation Bible school she attend at a very young age. She then realized how important God and Jesus were to her life and began to pray EVERY day. She didn’t start growing and actually studying the Bible until started college and became involved with the Navigators. She was involved thru her bachelor education and for 3 years afterwards. While she lived in the Chicago area she took several classes from Moody Bible Institute.

Alyce has been involved with all the churches she has attended since her college days. In Urbana, Il she served on the missions committee and helped develop a church library. When she lived in Springfield, Il she help direct the young adults program and offered several educational programs.

At Gentle Spirit, Alyce is one of the founding members. She has served as chair and treasurer for the congregation at various times during the church’s history. She has gone thru deacon training and realized that being a deacon wasn’t her calling. She has been called to teach and preach which she is now pursuing.

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